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Facilities Manual outlines the process of Liabrary, Information Technology, Biology Lab, Computer Lab, CCTV, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Play ground, Conveyance.

The extra curriculum as much as subverted it. The students found in it a kind of laboratory for practical and vocational interests.

Smart classes use all interactive modules like videos and presentations and these visually attractive methods of teaching.


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The Castle Convent Sr. Sec. School is a learning place where all the students are instructed by highly qualified teachers with engaging and thoughtfully prepared lessons. Our staff takes a supportive approach to education and takes pride in making each day a learning day for our students. We strive to integrate high levels of respect , responsibility and safety in our classrooms and playgrounds as well.


Our mission is to deliver high qualitative / skilled man power to the outer world. Our team is willing to achieve the motto together in a proper manner. Providing overview of grade level expectation in depth relative to subject area at all, resulting in a leader of future.


We are committed for professional development, new opportunities, encourage for learners, enhanced learning way in our institution. Staff continuously evaluate the students for exposure, ability in their interest of area for personal development, bring high level experience and expertise for motivational lectures. Parallel support of parents and teachers towards students to reach them to new heights of opportunities.


Team work do increase the efficiency & half the work load. Teachers guide students in school but after school time it shifts to parents as well so proper communication and the training is given to parents as well to make it very effective which results in overall development of the child. Parents involvement brings it to the success level.